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We bridge 
vision with 

Vision is seeing the invisible and strategy is bringing it to life.

We combine our strategic and innovation experience with your insights to form a clear, sustainable strategy for change.

From there, we help you implement, measure, refine, and scale activities that bring the future into your present, to give you greater agency over your results.

We excavate bias.

Our work across all major international markets (North/South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East) has enabled a keen awareness of the ways systemic barriers manifest and biases become embedded in organizational practices.

We work closely with you to implement research-informed, structural interventions that dismantle biases embedded in the ways organizations work. This includes looking at how people, processes, and structures interact to produce  workplace ecosystems and cultures that support the future you envision.

Strategy work we do includes:

Theory of Change Development

Learning & Measurement Strategies

Logic / Program Model Development

Organizational (re)design

Strategic Planning & Positioning

Talent Management System Design

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