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We are impact specialists

The future is specialized generalists

As a research and impact consultancy, we operate at the intersection of data, design and human insights, with a specialty in evaluating impact.


We use design innovation and assessment to translate data-driven decisions into practical actions that enable organizations to thrive in increasingly complex ecosystems.

What does that mean? 

We are in the midst of a data crisis. Big data made big promises, and for the most part, it's not delivering. A major source of discrepancy is the divide between the people and that data. Numbers tell us what, but people tell us why. We focus on both.


We partner with you to figure out why things aren't having the impact you would like, whether that's in strategy, talent, learning, or other programs, and work with you to create custom, scalable solutions that will take you into the future. 

Our Team

Lindsay Valve, Lead Consultant | Phone: 416.220.1643

Lindsay is a passionate impact-specialist living at the intersection of data, design and human insights. She has spent the last decade helping organizations understand the ways our bias toward the quantifiable comes at the expense of profits and people, and how to fix it.


Lindsay pairs her extensive experience in learning and management consulting with a robust academic grounding to show clients the actionable opportunities hidden behind their data in the areas of talent, learning, performance, culture, leadership, and change. 

When she is not working with organizations, Lindsay is researching bias-reduction and optimal uses of self-assessment – the most common (and vulnerable) assessment methodology used by her clients.


Lindsay holds an MA in Curriculum from the University of Toronto and is currently completing her PhD at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

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