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Disruptive Research

Research is about impacts.

Research is a strategic way of asking good questions. It plays a critical role in understanding the insides of any problem. 

Our research combines a systems focus, which looks at the infrastructure, processes, and practices of a sector, organization, or community, with a people focus that draws out the beliefs, experiences, and narratives that both exist in and sustain the system.


Understanding the macro and the micro together is essential to transforming research into evidence-based actions that make people's lives better.

We do research differently.

​For too long, research has been governed by a narrow set of beliefs about who can do research, which questions matter, and even what 'counts' as research. These beliefs are rooted in colonialism, and often de-centre the people and communities meant to benefit from the work.

Our approach to research is different. We believe that everyone has the capacity to ask great questions, and that the most valid, trustworthy research happens in relationship. Researchers, sector stakeholders, and community experts work together as cross-collaborative teams to ensure the work is ethical, accurate, and useful to the people involved.

All research is rooted in equity

We are committed to anti-racist, anti-colonial, and anti-oppressive research practices. 

Dismantling hierarchies

Research hierarchies put researchers at the apex of knowledge, privileging some expertise and ways of knowing above all others. This leaves many lives and experiences invisible to or misrepresented by research.  Our work dismantles these hierarchies by having participants, stakeholders, and researchers build knowledge collaboratively.

Interrogating methods

Research methods are not objective; the way they are used can help or harm. Many traditional research methods are oppressive and/or exclusive of certain communities. We interrogate assumptions about 'established' research methods and when necessary, co-create new methodologies to meet the needs of the people involved in the work.

Ensuring representation

Authentic representation is essential to anti-racist, anti-colonial, and anti-oppressive research. We assemble research teams that reflect intersectional identities and experiences, incorporate paid research internships, and work closely with advisory committees to ensure the work is authentic and representative.

Promoting data sovereignty

Data represents the most intimate aspects of our lives. Separating data from people can make numbers seem objective or neutral, but they hold tremendous power. Our projects empower people to understand the value of their data; their rights to privacy, safety, and to require accountability  from researchers and commissioning organizations about how their data is used.

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