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Why the WHY Matters

In a high-potential market, the client was losing market share. Year over year, against unregulated, lower quality competitors. With rising urgency, the global leadership looked at all levels of the organization to understand what was going on:

Was it the market?

  • Competitors were succeeding; launching new products, gaining market share, and building customer loyalty

Was it the leadership?

  • They purchased new talent, twice-over

Was it field force?

  • Unmotivated by individualized compensation and seemingly unmoved by consistently declining sales, the idea that this was a “people problem” was gaining popularity.

The Ask

There was an impulse to rank their talent. Often, a “people problem” comes with the implicit acceptance that headcount decisions must follow – temporary pain, for long-term gain.

Seeing the risk in an analytics-only approach, we offered another way forward.

What We Did & What We Learned

So What?

The whole picture told a good news story by enabling root-cause solutions.

Without the whole picture, the client risked losing great talent, incurring significant costs, and most importantly, not solving the real problem.


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